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The World’s Biggest Wireless Mesh Sensor Network?

A large, international financial institution uses 465 wireless activity sensors from Spinwave Systems, incorporated into Abintra Consulting’s Wisenet™ (Wireless Sensor Network), as a patented, automated, and integrated Time Utilization Measurement System to capture facility utilization data. The sensors log about … Continue reading

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Turnkey Wireless Meter-Reading Solution

The least-expensive meter is an already-installed meter. You’ve paid for the hardware, so retrofitting it with a pulse output costs a lot less than buying a new one. Now, Spinwave Systems (, based on specifications from industry-leading Energy Services Companies … Continue reading

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How to Commission Multiple Wireless Networks

Here is a list of best practices when installing wireless mesh networks with a large numbers of sensors, e.g. in data center applications: 1. Avoid on-site stress: If possible, bind and configure your sensors in the office in a controlled … Continue reading

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