Spinwave Systems releases wireless RTD sensor for extreme temperature applications

Wireless freezer monitoring, heat trace monitoring and oven temperature sensing are just a few applications requiring sensors supporting an extreme temperature range (-200°C to +850°C), high resolution (0.05°C / 0.1°F) and high accuracy.

Spinwave Systems’ new wireless RTD transceiver (SWS-2PT100)  supports 2 PT100 sensors in 2-wire and/or 3-wire configuration.
The product features a high-power radio for open field ranges up to 3,500 feet (1 km) and can be battery-powered or powered by a 9VDC  supply.
The SWS-2PT100 is part of Spinwave’s A3 product line, known for its ultra high reliability in harsh RF environments. Based on the IEEE  802.15.4 standard, the system outsmarts changing RF interferences with self-adapting frequency agility.

The product is available pre-mounted inside a NEMA4X fiberglass enclosure with either battery power or integrated 120VAC/9VDC power supply.
The power supply version also functions as a wireless mesh repeater.

Datasheet …


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