Spinwave Systems releases new version of Commissioning Tool

This latest version of Spinwave’s Windows-based Commissioning and Maintenance Tool now offers:
  • Installs and runs natively on Windows 7/64 bit, in addition to Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7/32 bit
  • Enhanced speed during network discovery and commissioning
  • Support for Spinwave’s new line of multi-point wireless Data Center Sensors
  • Support for the new 3 input (0-5VDC) Analog Input Transceiver
  • Support for up to 50 wireless devices or up to 200 sensing points per mesh network in conjunction with our latest mesh firmware
  • Ability to connect to wireless mesh networks through wireless sensors’ console port
  • Ability to display RF signal strength of repeater/routers
NQ V2.0.0.71 is backwards compatible with Spinwave products shipped after 5/18/2007.
This new version is available for download on Spinwave Systems’ Support Web Site as a web install or ZIP file.

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